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Ardusat helps educators & parents make learning exciting. Teach kids hands-on science, explore coding, use real-data to enhance STEM curriculum and more – all in a way that’s designed for teachers.

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Ardusat Brings "I Built this!" Moments to Your Classroom

Ardusat is a learning experience platform combining student-friendly hardware kits with web-based lesson plans.

In each experiment, students use Ardusat to build, code, and show off what they’re learning. This isn’t a run-of-the-mill lecture or a project that takes two months. Every single experiment can be done in a class period or two, giving your students plenty of building experience.

We’ve designed our experiments around Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and other educational standards. But our hands-on approach to learning STEM does more than meet rigorous standards. It inspires students to understand how these subjects work in the real world. And when students get excited, teachers win.

What is Ardusat?

Our sensor kits and software do more than teach science, technology, engineering, and math. They help students learn to think like scientists, developing critical thinking, problem-solving, scientific and digital literacy skills they’ll need throughout their lives.

Ardusat Learning Resources


Our web-based home for our learning experiences. Teachers can browse through pre-designed labs, personalize them, or publish their own. Our classroom management features save you time, so you can focus on inspiring students to become explorers, right in the classroom. We’re constantly adding new lessons and experiments aligned with NGSS and other educational standards.

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Sensor Kit

Sensor Kit

Based on open-source Arduino hardware, our Sensor Kit includes everything you need to run eHub experiments. Its high durability makes it ideal for classroom environments. And its range of sensors means it can be used again and again for different experiments, giving it great value.

Classroom Launchpack

Educator Support

Need help? We’re happy to support your use of Ardusat anyway we can. Ardusat also provides open learning resources to ignite your students’ imaginations and instill an excitement for science, engineering, math, and technology.

We also provide professional development to help educators adapt to the latest education standards.

"These are the best days of the year."

Educators love Ardusat – and for good reason. Ardusat excites students and makes learning science, technology, engineering, and math fun.

Plus, our kits and online experiments are teacher-friendly, making them ideal for classroom use. In fact, once teachers have Ardusat in the classroom, they can run as many experiments as they want, making it a great learning investment.

Make every experiment “the best day of the year” with Ardusat.

Here's How Ardusat Works:

Kit Components

1. Pick your hardware

Classroom Desk

2. Choose a learning experience

Computer Lesson Plans

3. Follow step-by-step lesson plans

Kit Components

4. Analyze & Share

Flexible Learning Experiences in Your Classroom

Our eHub offers dozens of lessons organized by grade, subject, and more. Here are just a few samples:

Science Experiments

Our science experiments promote scientific inquiry and help students learn how to think like scientists. We’ve designed our experiments around current education science standards and practices, including:

  • Asking questions, then answering them by analyzing and interpreting data.
  • Obtaining, evaluating, and communicating information.

Technology Experiments

As more school districts move to incorporate coding and other technology skills into their curricula, educators need simple-to-implement resources. Our technology experiments make this exciting for students and accessible for teachers.

Our experiments teach students these tech standards:

  • Developing and using models.
  • Analyzing and interpreting data.
  • Obtaining, evaluating, and communicating information.

Engineering Lessons

Our engineering lessons teach students to solve problems by designing and creating solutions, then iterating to produce better designs. Our engineering lessons are designed to promote current education standards and practices, including:

  • Defining problems.
  • Testing and iterating on solutions.
  • Using mathematics and computational thinking.

Math Lessons

"When am I ever going to use this?" Ardusat helps students connect math lessons with real-world applications. As students see how math can be used in exciting ways, teachers enjoy higher engagement.

Our lessons teach students these (and other) math standards:

  • Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them
  • Construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others
  • Use appropriate tools strategically to help inform identification of mathematical patterns and structure

What Educators Say

As an 8th grade teacher, almost all of the e-hub platform experiments can be used to match my needs. Students are finally able to design and test experiments that before this software were not possible.
Jennifer Schmitt is an 8th grade science teacher at Santa Rosa School District in Florida
Jennifer Schmitt
Ardusat engages students in authentic micro-controller sensing without it being in a mysterious black box. This helps students have a deeper understanding of the experiments and activities they are doing.
Charlie Matthews is the STEM Program Coordinator at Park City School District in Park City, Utah
Kevin Reeve

Interested in seeing how parents, teachers, and district science/STEM directors are inspiring the next generation of inventors, problem-solvers, and explorers?

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Ready to Get Started?

You appreciate the value an interactive STEM program can bring to your class, and we want to make the experience of implementing the program hassle-free.

Which Option is the Right Fit for You?

Classroom Launchpack

Classroom Launch Pack

Our Classroom Launch Pack provides teachers with resources that enable their students to conduct hands-on experiments using sensors, providing them with a one-of-a-kind classroom experience. The Sensor Kit helps students learn the fundamentals of remote sensing and prepares them to run an annual experiment using the same sensors on satellites. Teachers will be supported by the Ardusat Support Team to ensure successful implementation in their classroom.

A Launch Pack contains the following:

  • 10 Sensor Kits (ideal for a classroom of up to 35 students, divided into teams)
  • 1 DemoSat
  • Wireless Kit
  • 1 Year Site License for the Experiment Hub
  • Training, Support, PD
  • Annual Space Experiment on a real satellite
Sensor Kit

Individual Sensor Kit

The Ardusat Sensor Kit is a great way to get started with basic Arduino programming and learn about the sensors sent into orbit on Spire CubeSats. It’s perfect for parents looking to get their kids started coding, engineering, making/DIYing, and more.

Ardusat provides beginner-level experiments and ideas, but really the possibilities are endless on what you want to measure and data you want to collect on earth. This kit is ideal for hobbyists ages 12+.

The Sensor Kit includes:

  • Arduino
  • Ardusat Sensor Board (Luminosity Sensor, Temperature Sensor, Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Magnetometer, Barometer, Ultra Violet Light Sensor, Infrared Thermopile, RGB Sensor)
  • Resistors, Transistors, LEDs, and more to get started experimenting
  • 1 Year Personal License for Ardusat eHub (does not include educator features)